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We have helped families in the East Valley area transition through difficult challenges since 2002.

Using Almost Four Decades Of Combined Experience To Offer Smart Solutions

We take pride in an honest and smart approach to family law, meaning that you will not encounter surprising or inflated legal bills. Some people confuse “aggression” with “intelligence,” but an aggressive approach to family law does not necessarily yield the best results. We help our clients succeed and reach their goals without encouraging drawn-out legal battles. While we assertively protect our clients’ interests in mediation, settlement or litigation, we take a calculated approach to solving problems. It is our goal to help you resolve disputes as efficiently and peacefully as possible to protect your well-being. If litigation is ultimately the best route for your case, we can use nearly four decades of legal knowledge and courtroom experience to vigorously represent you.

Serving The Phoenix Metro Area With An Honest And Smart Approach To Family Law

How The Divorce Process Works

How The Divorce Process Works

We will walk you through step one (meeting your attorney) to the final step (finalizing the judgment).


Frequently Asked Questions About Property Division

FAQ About Property Division

Answering the most common questions about dividing property in divorce.


Determining Child Custody And Parenting Time

Determining Child Custody And Parenting Time

Are you concerned about how parenting time will be determined? We can help.


Can You Expect Spousal Maintenance?

Can You Expect Spousal Maintenance?

Financial support during the divorce process and after the judgment may be necessary.


Same-Sex Family Law Issues

Same-Sex Family Law Issues

Same-sex family law issues can be complex, especially when couples are unmarried, but we know how to help.

How Child Support Is Decided In Arizona

How Child Support Is Decided In Arizona

Child support often comes down to an equation, but several variables can change the outcome.


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Get A Personalized Relationship With An Attorney Who Understands

We have built a strong base of connections and satisfied clients after serving the East Valley community since 2002. We choose to keep the size of our law firm modest so we can offer truly personalized service to every client we take on.

We understand that the end of a marriage is a deeply personal and emotional transition. We will guide you through this process with compassion. As parents, we understand the concerns that parents might have in child custody and parenting time arrangements. You will always be informed throughout the duration of your case. After years of working with local courts, we can provide guidance about the likely outcomes you might expect in your situation.


Meet Our Exceptional Attorneys

Photo of attorney Amy O. Duenas

Amy Duenas

“I am an Arizona native, born and raised in the East Valley. I was admitted to the practice of law in 2003, and since that time, I have devoted my practice to family law, as I feel that is where I am best able to help others with difficult transitions in their family lives.”

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Photo of attorney Dori L. Eden

Dori Eden

“Originally from the Chicago area, I attended the Case Western Reserve University School of Law where I graduated cum laude. After shoveling one too many driveways in the Midwest, I packed up the day after graduation and began driving to Phoenix, where I have lived ever since. I am AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell.”

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Carrie P. Cravatta

Carrie P. Cravatta

Carrie P. Cravatta is an attorney who represents clients in family law matters in Arizona. She is compassionate, caring, honest and respectful fmaily law attorney. She grew up in a small town in Illinois, but gravitated towards the “big city” after high school for both college and law school.

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