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Guiding Families Through Their Juvenile Law Problems

No mother or father is perfect; parenthood is filled with gray areas. Unfortunately, the Arizona legal system often sees matters in black and white when it comes to minors.

Families can face numerous challenges when it comes to their children. If you and your children have encountered such a challenge, rely on the representation of Duenas Eden Cravatta, PLC Our attorneys have nearly 40 years of combined experience in family law. We want to help you do what is best for your children.

We can help you with issues involving:

  • Allegations of neglect
  • Allegations of domestic violence
  • Allegations of substance abuse
  • Post-judgment modifications
  • Child protective services
  • Adoption
  • Juvenile dependency petitions
  • Guardians ad litem
  • Termination of parental rights

Many of our clients come from referrals. This speaks to our reputation for success within the East Valley community. With dedication and compassion, we can help you navigate the frightening world of juvenile law and dependency.

Providing Honesty And Realistic Expectations

We strive for transparency wherever possible. We provide consistent updates of important happenings in your case. If we see that your case is going in an unfavorable direction, we do not believe in sugarcoating the truth. To the contrary, we will always have frank conversations so that you know what to expect.

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When the law involves something as precious as your family, you must act as quickly as possible to set things right. Contact our attorneys, Amy Duenas and Dori Eden, to get their help in standing up for your rights. You can schedule an initial consultation with one of them by calling 480-637-0668 or by using our online contact form.