An Honest And Smart Approach To Family Law

Legal Decision-Making

Difficult life decisions are daunting. Making those choices can be easier, though, with help from a professional legal decision-maker. We are attorneys Amy Duenas, Carrie P. Cravatta and Dorian Eden. We have made it our job to help people make good decisions when the stakes are high in their personal lives.

More Than 60 Years Of Combined Experience

Since 2002, we have assisted clients throughout the Phoenix, Arizona, area. People come to see us because they need advice regarding a wide variety of important matters, including:

  • Modifications of a divorce decree
  • Reaching important agreements to address their children’s unique needs
  • Determining and meeting the best interests of a child
  • Resolving family disputes concerning property and money

We can deliver that type of assistance because of our years of experience. In that time, we have come to understand family dynamics and how to help people navigate those situations. You can count on us to provide you with the experienced judgment you need to understand your options and to choose from those options wisely.

Further, you will personally work with one of our experienced attorneys. Our approach to family law involves getting to know you, your facts and your legal goals. With that knowledge in hand, we craft legal solutions for you tailored to your needs. You will rest easier knowing you have relied on experienced professionals no matter what option you choose. Throughout your process, from start to finish, you will work with Amy or Dorian. As your lawyer, we will provide you with the candid assessment of your situation that you want.

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