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Learn What To Expect Regarding Spousal Maintenance

In a divorce, one of your primary concerns is your financial well-being. Will you have the funds to pay your bills? How will you maintain your lifestyle? Spousal maintenance is one tool that Arizona courts use to ensure that spouses have adequate means to support themselves during or after a divorce.

Whether you face paying maintenance or you need to receive it, you need the advocacy of a lawyer. At Duenas Eden Cravatta, PLC, we have nearly 40 years of combined experience helping clients throughout the East Valley stand up for their financial best interests in all spousal support issues. Our attorneys represent both supporting and dependent spouses, so we understand both sides of the legal battle.

What Types Of Maintenance Does Arizona Offer?

Courts typically award maintenance when one spouse does not have the means to support themselves, has sacrificed their career to care for the home or children, or has contributed to the other spouse’s vocational training. Depending on the stage of your divorce filing, you or your spouse may qualify for certain forms of maintenance. These include:

  • Pendente lite: Courts award pendente lite for the duration of the divorce. Once it concludes, the support ends.
  • Temporary maintenance: This means that the judge issues a temporary support order for a fixed period after the divorce.
  • Permanent maintenance: In rare cases, a spouse may receive financial support for the remainder of his or her life.

Every maintenance order depends on the unique circumstances in question. We can determine which form of maintenance you qualify for. In a candid conversation, we can also discuss how much you will pay or receive. If the court has finalized your divorce, we may be able to help you file an appeal to obtain or modify spousal maintenance.

Reach Out To Ask Us About Receiving Spousal Maintenance

Our Phoenix attorneys are ready to explain your options and stand up for your rights when it comes to spousal maintenance. To schedule an initial consultation where you can speak with a lawyer, contact our office. You can call 480-637-0668 or send us an email.