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Kindergarten Taught Us All We Need to Know!


“Affluenza.” Remember that catch phrase? For me, it’ll rank up there with twerking, photo bomb and selfies of new phrases that should be relieved of their duties as words. I will freely admit that I had to look up twerking on the Internet to find out what this meant and then watched in disgust the YouTube videos that popped up. But, I digress.

I’m [originally] writing this article days after Justin Beiber was arrested for driving under the influence and resisting arrest. My first question when I heard he was arrested was whether he is old enough to have a driver’s license. Then I heard allegedly his mother supplied him whatever it was he was under the influence of, and his father allegedly set up the roadblock for him to race.

Is affluenza present here? Remember the days when parents held their children accountable for their actions? I grew up in a time of kids being grounded, not being able to go to the movies and losing privileges to the family phone. Not parents giving their children narcotics or setting up a situation where the arrest of teenager is a likely outcome.

Then, in further reading of my quest to get the news from the Internet, I come across notes about parents behaving very badly during their children’s sporting events. Taken as a whole, maybe it is all starting to make sense. If parents behave badly in front of their children, their children will learn such behavior and repeat it. And, if someone is rich enough, they can buy their way out of criminal prosecution or a significant criminal penalty. Or, so says affluenza.

Simple Kindergarten Rules

Maybe what we learned in kindergarten really is all we need to know – treat others the way you want to be treated, share and have some time to run around outside every day. If we go back to those simple principles then maybe parents wouldn’t yell at each other at children’s sporting events and certainly wouldn’t yell at kids. Parents wouldn’t encourage or enable their children to break the law and children wouldn’t look at their role models – whomever they might be, and think that they can get away with “it” too.

Lawyers see a lot of negativity in their practices, especially lawyers who are engaged in any sort of litigation. We are trained to try to make things better for our clients, if possible. It should not matter if someone is wealthy or not, we should all treat each other the way we want to be treated.

I’ve reached my limit on allowable pontification. So one last point. Apparently born in 1994 makes the Biebster [then] 19 years old – old enough to drive and to know better.

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