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Someone Always Has It Worse Than You – Divorce

There is little I hear in a divorce case that surprises me anymore.

After more than a decade of practicing family law I have heard horror stories of multiple affairs, people hiding money, people giving money away to hide it from their spouse, parents refusing to pay child support, parents refusing to return children to the other parent, parents making completely outlandish allegations against the other parent, charging up thousands of dollars of debt without the other person’s knowledge and so on.

But, even I had to laugh when a link circulated Facebook from Huffington Post titled “9 Divorce Stories Too Ridiculous to Make Up.” It was originally posted on the Huffington Post website on 3/21/14 (

Some of my favorites include a couple taking two hours with two attorneys and a mediator all billing to decide who should receive the approximately $40 worth of groceries in the fridge; Jewish parents arguing for three hours over who has the children on Christmas Day; and a couple arguing over a massage chair. Does this sound absurd to you? Rightly or wrongly, to the people who were arguing, these issues were not absurd. Sometimes one (or both) parties to a dissolution will argue just to be difficult, to take a contrary position to the other person,just to cost the other person money.

Improper Purposes

There are people who use the legal process, including a dissolution of marriage case, for improper purposes. If the judge assigned to the case believes that one party has taken unreasonable positions in the case, the judge may order that party to pay for the other person’s attorney’s fees. However, there are no guarantees, in any case, that a judge will issue this order. The more egregious the position taken or action taken, the higher the likelihood of obtaining an order. However, this may not immediately help the person who is forced to defend against false allegations or absurd positions. And, the judge may always find that the other party has also taken unreasonable positions on things.

Although as I said at the beginning of this article that there is little that surprises me in dissolution of marriage cases, that doesn’t mean that I still don’t shake my head when I hear certain things that a party has done. I may not be surprised, but I always hold out hope for basic human decency by the parties (and attorneys) in cases. Most of the time I am correct, but every now and again I’m disappointed. My clients repeatedly hear me advise them to take the high road. They’re much better off that way and hopefully sleep better at night.

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