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Military Divorce in Arizona

Thank You for Your Service

First and foremost Duenas Eden Law, PLC would like to thank all military veterans and their families for their incredible sacrifice and service to protect our freedom. In general the military creates a significant dynamic for its members that is different than the standard private civilian. This includes moving to different bases, in and out of the country, separating from other family and resources, as well as active deployment. If the service member is married, it adds an additional layer to this setting. For some spouses this dynamic becomes too much and seek for a dissolution of the marriage.

Service Members and Divorce

Divorce is any situation can be challenging both emotionally and physically. For active military members, navigating all the legal details and emotions can seem daunting. A good first step is to contact your local Armed Forces Legal Assistance office; however it should be noted that the military considers divorce as a “private civil matter to be addressed by a civilian court”1. As a result it is important to contact an experienced divorce attorney.

Divorce in Arizona

It should be noted that wherever the divorce is filed that states marital and divorce laws apply. As a result Arizona is a no-fault and community property state. Meaning there is no need to prove grounds for a divorce filed in AZ and the division of property follows community property law respectively.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

For service members the  Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides protections and services such as providing a 90 day “stay” or postponement of civil court matters, in the which divorce proceedings apply. This allows for the uniformed member the time to prepare and arrange properly for proceedings. From the Military One Resource website it states: “Postponed civil court matters — If you cannot participate in a civil court action or administrative proceeding because of your military service, you can request a 90-day delay, or stay, in the proceeding. You are automatically entitled to this delay if you follow all of the requirements. The judge, magistrate or hearing officer can grant an additional 90-day stay. Proceedings may include actions for divorce, child paternity and support cases, and foreclosure proceedings. This protection does not apply to any criminal court or criminal administrative proceedings. “2


Speak with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

Once again as divorce is considered a private civilian matter, having an experienced divorce and family law attorney representing you is very important. This becomes even more critical when children and assets, including military benefits and pensions, are involved. If you or your spouse is seeking a divorce in Arizona, contact us  to arrange a private consultation.

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