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Why you need to consider your child’s education during a divorce

When you finalize your divorce in Arizona, you might feel like your costs are over after you’ve paid the legal fees. However, you also have to figure out who’s going to pay for your child’s education. It can be a difficult decision, particularly if your child attends an expensive private school. If neither of you can agree on who foots the bill, your child’s education might be at stake.

What do you have to consider when filing for divorce?

You might be divorced, but someone still has to pay for your child’s education. If your spouse makes significantly more than you do, it might be safe to assume that they’ll pay for your child’s education, particularly if your child is attending private school. However, your spouse might refuse to pay for your child’s education or insist that you pay a portion of the bill.

Even if your child goes to public school, it can still be expensive for a parent who’s recently filed for divorce. Depending on the situation, you might find yourself trying to manage their educational fees without any help from your spouse. You’ll have to figure out an agreement that’s in the best interests of your child. If you and your spouse can’t agree on paying for their education, the quality of their education might suffer. Students who attend private school may be at a disadvantage if they suddenly have to go to public school.

How can you divide up your child’s costs during a divorce?

When it’s time to figure out how to pay for your child’s education, you might wish to talk to a family law attorney. An attorney may help you figure out a fair agreement with your spouse. Your attorney might help you settle the matter as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t interfere with your child’s schooling.