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Is child support deducted from unemployment benefits?

You might have lost your job in Arizona, but you still have to pay for child support. Fortunately, if you qualify for unemployment, you can continue collecting income while you look for a new job. But if you’re paying child or spousal support, will that amount come out of your unemployment benefits? Or can you wait until you start earning income again?

How is child support taken out of your unemployment benefits?

Unless something drastic happens, you’re still on the hook for child support even if you lose your job. If you qualify for unemployment benefits, a percentage of your benefits will be taken out of the check to pay for the child support. In the state of Arizona, up to 50% of your benefits can be deducted from your check.

To calculate your unemployment benefits, the state looks only at your previous income. Since child support is an expense and not a form of income, this won’t be taken into consideration. As a result, you are not entitled to more unemployment benefits if you’re paying child support.

If you can’t pay child support and manage the rest of your bills at the same time, you might need to request a child support modification. A modification can reduce the amount of child support that you have to pay each month. With the help of an family law attorney, you should keep the court and your former spouse up-to-date on the situation so you can’t be accused of skipping out on payments.

How can an attorney help you with child support?

An attorney could assist you during the initial negotiations and help you argue for a fair child support payment. Later on, if you need a modification, your attorney could help you petition the court for reduced payments.