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Calendars may help parents in a custody dispute

When Arizona residents go through a divorce, they have a lot of things to think about. They’ll have to split up the assets, if any, figure out alimony that needs to be paid and deal with the issues regarding children like including custody and child support. Things that parents have used in the past in order to manage their children’s daily lives may help them during a divorce. One of those things is a calendar.

How can a calendar help divorcing parents?

One of the biggest ways that a calendar can help divorcing parents is by helping them remember what their day-to-day lives looked like while they were still married. They’ll be able to look back and see how often their kids had after-school practices, or they’ll be able to determine how often they went to birthday parties. They can figure out how often they took the children to and from school, and they’ll be able to figure out how often one parent looked after the children on a weekend versus another.

In the course of their busy lives, people often forget just how much time they spend looking after and catering to their children. In a divorce, all of this information will be necessary so that the judge can determine custody and child support issues. Child support is based on how much time a child spends with each parent. The parent that has the child most often will most likely be assigned primary custody and get child support. Lawyers who work on parenting plan issues may be able to help these parents figure all of this out.

How can people get help with child-related issues during a divorce?

People getting a divorce who need help with child-related issues may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience with all types of child custody issues. They may be able to help them with everything from visitation to support determinations.