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Do grandparents have visitation rights?

In the state of Arizona, grandparents have limited rights when it comes to seeing their grandchildren. They could sue for visitation rights if the children’s parents are keeping them separated. Suing for visitation rights could help grandparents maintain a relationship with their grandchildren, but it could also have unintended consequences.

Should grandparents sue for visitation rights?

Among other divorce issues, one party might try to deny the grandparents access to their grandchildren. The grandparents could talk to a family law attorney about suing for visitation rights, but they should think carefully before making this decision. Hiring an attorney means that they’ll have to go to court and potentially spend thousands of dollars on court and attorney fees.

Many grandparents would say that they’re willing to make the sacrifice. However, a legal battle might also be hard on their grandchildren. Their grandchildren might feel like they have to choose between their parents and their grandparents, which could damage their relationship with either party. Their grandchildren might even feel guilty and blame themselves for the conflict. Additionally, they might have to talk about their personal life with social workers, judges and other people involved in the case.

What’s the best option for you?

Suing for visitation rights comes with a price, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t do it. If your grandchildren’s parents are abusive or neglectful, they might need a positive adult influence in their lives. An attorney could tell you if you should pursue a visitation lawsuit or not.

While grandparents have some rights, parents have much stronger legal rights over their children. A judge might rule in the parents’ favor if they don’t see a significant reason why the grandparents need to see their grandchildren. For this reason, you might need an attorney who could help you build a strong case.