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Should you agree to a 50/50 custody arrangement?

Arizona parents whose marriages have come to an end typically have to deal with the issue of child custody. The justice system believes that being able to spend time with both parents is essential to a developing child to ensure optimal mental health. In some cases, the judge may order 50/50 custody.

What is 50/50 custody?

50/50 child custody simply means that a child will spend an equal amount of time with both parents or guardians. Another name for this type of child custody is called shared joint physical custody of the child. Unlike other types of custody, there is no one dominating parent who handles most of the responsibilities of parenting. With this type of custody, both parents must be consulted when making any major decisions regarding the child.

Benefits of 50/50 custody

Establishing a 50/50 custody agreement has many benefits for children. The first is that they get to spend equal time with both of their parents so both parents can be involved in their life. Another benefit of this type of custody is that it gives each parent rest times where they can rejuvenate while their child is with their former spouse. Additionally, with 50/50 custody, both parents are more likely to work full time, which means a higher standard of living for the child.

Child custody is something that is not taken very lightly during a divorce. To help ensure that both parents get to stay within the child’s life, a judge may order 50/50 custody. As you’ve learned, this type of custody has many benefits for both parents and the children. While this type of custody may not always be logistically feasible for certain parents, it should be used whenever it is considered feasible as it’s the best option for any child.