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What are some common divorce mistakes?

Many people act without thinking when they file for divorce in Arizona. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to make mistakes that might affect your case later. Instead of charging into the case head-on, you might want to talk to an attorney to figure out where you should start.

What are some mistakes people make during their divorce?

When you file for divorce, your first instinct might be to take an aggressive approach. However, your first steps can set the tone for the rest of your divorce case. If your estranged spouse decides to retaliate, you might get involved in an exhausting, drawn-out divorce that could have been prevented. Instead, talk to your attorney about approaching your case in a calm, civil manner.

Another common mistake is trying to get custody of your child without thinking about the ramifications. Some parents shoot for full custody just to get back at their estranged spouse. Full custody might sound appealing because it limits your estranged spouse’s involvement, but you’ll also be responsible for nearly every aspect of child-rearing. On the other hand, some people settle for joint custody because they think it’s easier, but it means dealing with a toxic spouse for the next several years.

Many people make the mistake of trying to “win” every aspect of their divorce. Even if you end up getting what you want, fighting over every aspect of your divorce could result in extended trials and excess court fees. You might end up spending thousands of dollars in attorney fees that you wouldn’t have to spend if you made a few compromises. Keep in mind that a divorce trial isn’t about winning; it’s about making sure that everyone gets a fair share.

What if you’ve already made one of these mistakes?

If you’re in the middle of a divorce trial, you could still hire an attorney to guide you through the rest of the trial. You can’t take back what you’ve already said, but you may be able to navigate the rest of the divorce in a more civil manner.