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Who can request a paternity test?

When dealing with cases of child custody, a paternity test may be helpful. However, there are only certain people who can demand a paternity test from a potential father in the state of Arizona. Knowing who these people are can assist you in determining who needs to request the test.

The child’s mother

In a child custody case, typically one involving a request for child support, a mother may request a paternity test. This test will reveal if a suspected person is or isn’t the biological father of the child. While the mother can directly ask the suspected father to take the test, he may refuse until there is an actual court order to do so.

The child’s suspected father

When a man wants to have custody of his suspected child, he will need to prove that it’s indeed his child. If the mother is denying that the man is the father of the child, the suspected father can file for a court order. This type of case can be more difficult as the suspected father will need to show the court that there is a distinct possibility that the child is his.

The child

In some cases, a child may grow up without their father present in the household. The child may track down a potential man who they believe is their father. In this case, they may request that the man take a paternity test to determine if he is indeed the father of the child.

Paternity tests are a vital resource to help identify the biological father of a child. However, not just anyone can demand a paternity test. Rather, this right is only given to the child’s mother, the child’s suspected father and the child. If one of these individuals has trouble seeking a court-ordered test, a family law attorney may offer assistance.