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Could parents lose their rights to the Arizona DCS?

In Arizona, circumstances may force the hands of the Department of Child Safety (DCS) to remove a young one from a parent or adult guardian’s home. Parental rights could face a temporary or permanent suspension when the state has a good reason for doing so. Parents might contest the DCS’ decision, and a juvenile court judge could then make a final determination.

A loss of parental rights

The DCS will not likely challenge a parent’s rights to care for a child unless compelling reasons exist. Young children and even teenagers may be unable to care for themselves. They rely on an adult for food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. If a parent were to abandon a child, the risks to the child’s safety could be significant. Expect the state to step in when a child suffers from neglect and abandonment.

Physical and mental abuse would serve as other reasons why parents may lose their rights. Deliberately or neglectfully abusing a child means the young one lives in an unsafe environment.

Other child welfare issues

The DCS and the juvenile court system might also determine a parent cannot control the child. A teenager who continually gets in trouble with the law may be a danger to him or herself. The authorities might have no choice but to step in and take action.

DCS may receive negative reports about a child’s situation and commence an investigation. DCS representatives might review the situation and file a dependency petition with the attorney general. The courts then become involved.

Parents could challenge claims about neglect, abandonment, and abuse. Although the state might claim a parent cannot care for a young one, the facts may prove otherwise. The court may then rule in a parent or guardian’s favor.