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Implementing a co-parenting plan in Arizona

After finalizing your divorce in Arizona, you should be aware of your rights as a parent as well as the obligations you should fulfill. Co-parenting can be a challenge; for one, you have to do what you like as a parent and also what the court requires you to do. If you are new to co-parenting or finding your arrangement tough, here is what you need to know about implementing a co-parenting plan.

Always put your child first

It is common for some parents to dislike each other after the divorce. The process has a great potential of bringing out the worst in us. However, it is important to keep all your feeling in check to give your child the best care, love, and things they need to thrive.

So, no matter the terms of your child custody or visitation laws, always show up, create good moments and provide for their needs. This can also help build a good emotional character and self-esteem as they mature.

Communicate effectively with your

Effective communication is the most powerful tool that co-parents have at their disposal. Keep each other informed about the things your child needs or what they have done. For instance, communicate about what they need in school, their hobbies and activities, medical appointments, and anything that might come up.

Work on building effective and respectful communication with the other co-parent. Use relevant co-parenting apps, set up reminders on your calendar, and only discuss your child’s needs.

Have a parental meeting once a month

You may not like your ex, but regular check-ins on matters that have to do with your child can help you become better co-parents. On top of that, it can also help you build on your communication skills and calm the anger you may still be having over each other. If you like, you can have a mediator present during your meetings.

During your meeting, don’t patronize or talk over each other. Instead, communicate with respect, address the main issues, check up on your progress, and go over things you might have missed.

Co-parenting is definitely not easy, but you can do it successfully. In fact, many divorcees become better parents to their children than they were when married.