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Challenges that can come up during a divorce

Couples in Arizona preparing for or going through a divorce might encounter several challenges along the way. Even in the most amicable divorces, some issues can come up that can potentially derail an otherwise smooth process or that can further complicate an already difficult one. Preparing for these possibilities, however, might help you and your estranged spouse work out the issues and continue with the process.

Dividing property is not always easy

Couples who might not have accrued a significant amount of property might not anticipate disagreements during the division of assets. However, those disputes can come up at any moment. Figuring out the value of property is not always easy. As well, there are many types of property that must be looked at, including:

  • The family home
  • Automobiles
  • Investment property
  • Savings and investment accounts
  • Retirement accounts, pensions and social security benefits
  • Businesses

Support can be a sticking point

During the end of a marriage, couples might find themselves stuck in a dispute over spousal or child support. While in most states child support is resolved using a prescribed formula, there might be questions about whether the paying parent is concealing assets or income. When it comes to spousal support, not everyone will be eligible to receive it. This often depends on each couple’s situation and even their roles during the marriage. In most cases as well, if person does receive spousal support, it will be for a limited time, particularly if that person later remarries.

What about the kids?

Another area that often leads to conflicts between divorcing spouses is child custody and visitation. The issues here can be about shared versus primary custody or about scheduling, including exchanges or visitation times. Parents also often have disagreements about special events and days, such as how birthdays and vacations will be handled.