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Will nesting work for you?

As a parent, you always want what is best for your child. Unfortunately, divorce will not do them many favors. Of course, it is important to do what is best for you as well, and staying in an unhappy or unsafe marriage will often do more harm than good for your child anyway.

There are also ways you can mitigate the damage divorce does to your child while still keeping distance between you and your ex-spouse. The option of bird nesting may serve as one of these ways.

How does nesting work?

Divorce Mag takes a look at bird nesting, which may suit your needs perfectly. As is the case with a baby bird that stays within the nest, your child will remain in the family home. They will not have to worry about getting dragged between residences in accordance with a visitation schedule.

Instead, you and your co-parent will live in the family home in shifts. One will stay with your child while the other lives elsewhere, and then you will switch places depending on visitation scheduling. Of course, to make this work, you need a co-parent who can treat the family home with respect and who you feel safe leaving alone with your child for extended periods of time.

Your secondary residence

You also need to have a secondary residence during this time, as you cannot live at the family home full-time anymore. Many individuals will rent a small and cheap apartment, or they will temporarily stay with friends or family in the area. If you think bird nesting may work for you, you can explore your options with your attorney.