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5 tips for achieving success in life after divorce

For years you have been one-half of a couple. After the divorce, you will be on your own for the first time in a long while.

Seen from the pre-divorce vantage point, the future probably looks a little scary, but your new life does have advantages. Here are five tips for achieving post-divorce happiness as a newly single person.

1. Sort through your feelings

Divorce marks the end of an era, so allow yourself to mourn. Work through your emotions, then put away your anger and sadness. You may need to work with a therapist, talk to a good friend or focus your energy on an activity you enjoy. In any case, find a release for your feelings and refuse to lug old baggage into the future.

2. Rediscover who you once were

Who were you before your marriage? You probably gave up certain things that did not translate well from a single into a couple’s lifestyle. Now you can revisit the interests you had before you married. These could be building blocks for your new life.

3. Find a new side of yourself

What have you dreamed of doing? It might be going back to school, moving to a new city, or simply wearing your hair in a different style. Now is the time to pursue new interests.

4. Embrace new responsibilities

It is your turn to take on responsibilities that may be new to you: making financial decisions, managing a rental property, rejoining the workforce. Do not hesitate to seek help from professionals such as your attorney or a financial adviser.

5. Appreciate time alone

Living alone does not mean succumbing to isolation. Approach life after divorce from your new base of operations. Meet new friends. Pursue favorite activities on your own schedule. This is your time. Step into it with confidence.