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What determines if you receive spousal maintenance in Arizona?

When your Arizona marriage ends and your spouse was the primary breadwinner in your relationship, you may wonder if you are going to be able to live the same lifestyle you do now once your split becomes official. If there is no realistic way for you to maintain the same standard of living you currently enjoy without your ex’s help, you may decide to seek spousal maintenance in your split.

Per the Arizona Legislature, some of the variables the state reviews when deciding whether to make a spousal maintenance award in your divorce are as follows.

The length of your marriage

There is not a hard and fast rule stating that those in longer marriages get spousal maintenance while those in shorter marriages do not. However, the longer your marriage lasted, the better the chance that you made financial or other sacrifices for the sake of your partner. Typically, those in longer marriages have a better chance of getting alimony than those in shorter relationships.

You and your ex’s earning potential

How much you and your ex make, or stand to make, may also fall under the microscope during a divorce. If you are nearing the age of retirement or lack the skills most desired by today’s employers, you may have a better shot at getting spousal maintenance.

Educational considerations

The state may also consider whether each of you has the ability to financially contribute to the educational needs of any children you share when making decisions about alimony.

While Arizona may consider all these factors when deciding whether to award you maintenance, there are many other variables that may also impact this decision.