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Self-sufficiency and spousal maintenance

If you are going through the divorce process, or thinking about ending your marriage, you need to focus on a variety of different topics. If you have kids, you could have to deal with child custody or support issues. It is important to thoroughly look into the financial aspects of divorce. Aside from the division of marital property, you need to review spousal maintenance if you expect to owe or receive these payments.

Also known as alimony or spousal support, there are various factors that courts go over when determining whether one party needs to pay maintenance, such as the other party’s inability to support themselves.

Maintenance orders and self-sufficiency

The Arizona Legislature covers self-sufficiency with respect to spousal maintenance orders. For example, if the court finds that a spouse pursuing maintenance does not have sufficient property or employment to become self-sufficient, they could award maintenance. If one party does not have the ability to support themselves through employment due to their age, or they cannot secure employment because they have to take care of a child, this could also result in the other party owing spousal maintenance.

Preparing for spousal maintenance

Whether you receive spousal maintenance or you have to make payments, preparation is essential. Failing to pay spousal maintenance can lead to harsh repercussions. Likewise, it is crucial for those who receive maintenance to understand how spousal support will affect their financial well-being.

You should plan accordingly and closely go over various factors that can affect the amount of spousal maintenance owed. While working through your divorce, it is pivotal to focus on spousal maintenance and other matters that could affect your financial future.