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Which documents does your divorce attorney need?

If you’re getting a divorce in Arizona, there are things you can do to get the best possible outcome, and one of them is to get your documents in order.

Your marriage certificate

This refers to the official document that proves you’re married. It’s typically obtained from the county courthouse where you got married or if you were married in another state from that state’s vital records office.

Financial records

These include things like tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, and credit card bills–basically, anything that shows your income and expenses. Financial records help your attorney understand your financial situation and can be used to determine important things, such as child support and alimony. For instance, if one spouse has been staying at home to care for the kids, their income may be lower than their partner’s, so spousal support could be ordered to help even things out.

Proof of any assets or debts

This could include property deeds, car titles, 401(k) statements, and mortgage documents. Anything that shows what you own and what you owe. This information can help your attorney determine what assets need to get divided up and who will be responsible for paying certain debts. For instance, if you have a lot of debt in your name, your divorce attorney may try to get your spouse to take on some of that debt as part of the divorce settlement.

Documentation of any abuse

If there’s been any physical, emotional, or financial abuse in your marriage, make sure that you have documentation of it. This could include police reports, medical records, and restraining orders.

A list of any expenses

This could include things like medical bills, tuition payments, or childcare costs–anything that shows how much money you spend on a regular basis. These documents can also help your attorney handle child support and alimony payments.

You can easily avoid many issues that people face during a divorce by getting your documents in order. So, before meeting with your attorney, take some time to gather everything listed above. It’ll save you time and money.