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Depression may lead to divorce

Depression affects many people in Arizona, including married persons. Issues associated with it could harm a marriage, leading to divorce.

Depression may hurt a marriage

People suffering from depression may not realize that their condition could affect others. A marital relationship may suffer if one or both spouses deals with problems related to depression. A depressed person might be withdrawn and not be communicative with a partner. Such behaviors might cause rifts in the relationship that lead to irreconcilable differences. The two spouses become so distant from one another that the marriage could fall apart.

Persons suffering from depression might find it impacts their professional performance. Perhaps depression-induced fatigue causes a self-employed partner to work less or have difficulties working for an employer. Such problems may lead to financial issues, creating stress on the marriage. Those who worry about their finances or retirement might feel alarmed at a partner’s unstable work situation.

Individuals suffering from significant depression might engage in infidelity, potentially destroying the marriage. Depression could also lead someone to substance abuse problems. A ripple effect of marital troubles might develop from a partner’s excessive drinking or drug abuse. Severe depression may lead to other addictive behaviors, including compulsive gambling or shopping.

Addressing depression in the marriage

Filing for divorce might become avoidable if a spouse seeks help for their depression. Therapy and counseling may produce positive results, although some might also benefit from outpatient prescription therapy. Each case is unique.

When a partner does not take steps to address their depressed condition, the adverse effects on the marriage might worsen. In time, the other partner may find it necessary to file for divorce since the problems become too much to bear. Perhaps the depressive episodes impact the other spouse’s personal and professional life, forcing action.