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Keeping positive during the divorce process

Getting divorced is not easy. The process can be complex and emotionally intense. However, there are things you can do and things you can avoid doing to ensure you end your Arizona marriage in a positive manner, looking toward the future.

Keeping a positive spin

While you will need to negotiate with your estranged spouse over property, support and custody, you can make sure you address these issues in an honest, straightforward way and avoid making decisions based on emotional reactions. Some of the things you can do to maintain a positive spin during the dissolution of the marriage include:

• Gathering a supportive team that can include your lawyer, financial experts, therapists and close friends and relatives

• Becoming knowledgeable about your options during the process, including other options besides going to trial, to end the relationship

• Remaining honest about your assets and debts to show that you are negotiating in good faith

• Maintaining your spouse updated on matters related to the children and respecting the temporary custody arrangements

• Cooperating with your spouse and willingly making compromises to reach an agreement

• Supporting your children through the process

Avoiding the negatives

Because going through a divorce can be emotional, you might be tempted to lash out at your spouse. However, you should avoid negative communication that leads to more conflicts. This can affect both the process and your children, particularly if they feel caught in the middle. You should also focus on resolving the divorce issues before making any major plans that include big moves and other changes. Finally, avoid violating any temporary agreements made by you and your ex-spouse, such as those related to custody, visitation and support.

Being knowledgeable about your options and being clearheaded might help you navigate the divorce process. It can also help you feel in control instead of overwhelmed by the decisions you will need to make.