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The 6 emotional and transitional stages of divorce

Arizona couples facing divorce sometimes struggle to understand the challenges that their new realities entail. The initial shock and disappointment of a failed marriage and what that means for their future and their children’s future if they have kids weigh heavy on their minds. Friends, family, property and assets must be divided, and custody battles can add even bigger burdens.

The many stages of divorce can last longer than some marriages. The dissolution of a marriage can take years in some cases, and each step takes additional tolls on the mental and emotional well-being of everyone involved. Many divorcing couples understand how difficult transitioning from married to divorce is and give careful consideration before untying the knot.

The early stages of divorce

Shock and disbelief are the initial feelings when confronted with divorce. Many couples might have been nesting for years before they call it quits and still experience the shock of being newly divorced or separated.

You might feel relief from the emotional strain of a bad marriage initially, but the first nights alone without your spouse can result in feelings of sadness and loss. Depending on the reason for the separation, it’s common for multiple emotions to come at once, such as betrayal, depression and guilt, especially where children are concerned.

Early life after separation

Since the divorce process is generally lengthy, many couples have separated and begun their new lives before the paperwork is finalized. Navigating the housing and job market can be challenging for stay-at-home parents who aren’t used to operating in those circumstances. Support from family and friends is beneficial for coping with life’s transitions.