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Can you relocate according to your child custody agreement?

It is common for a parent to relocate after a divorce or separation. However, there are rules protecting the best interest of children that parents have to consider before moving. If you are an Arizona resident and need to know more about child custody and parenting time, here are some important things to keep in mind.

Reasons for relocation

It can be unsettling to think about your ex moving away if you have children together, especially if they want to take the children with them. You may also be unsure if it’s the right time for you to move.

Different states have varying laws pertaining to child custody and relocation. The type of custody you have will determine how much the court will get involved with your move. No matter what state you live in or what state you’re moving to, the court will always take the best interest of the child into account.

Moving in good faith

Child custody will be considered based on whether you or your ex is moving in good faith. An example of good faith would be moving to pursue a better job opportunity that will help you provide for your children. An example of bath faith would be moving to make it more difficult for your ex to see the children. Before you move, you’ll have to convince the judge that your move will be beneficial for your children.

If you’re considering moving to another city or state, speak with your family law attorney to ensure that you’re clear on the rules pertaining to your child custody agreement. Your attorney may help you make your case before a judge to prove that a move is in good faith.