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Can LGBTQIA+ families still adopt internationally in Arizona?

In Phoenix, Arizona, the landscape of adoption for LGBTQIA+ families is a topic of frequent inquiry, and it is a complicated topic. Adoption rights span both international and domestic, and understanding the rights and challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples is paramount for those looking to adopt.

International adoption: understanding the dynamics

International adoption involves a myriad of legal and cultural considerations. In Arizona, LGBTQIA+ families have the legal recognition to adopt internationally. While there are no explicit restrictions, it is essential to navigate the cultural norms and regulations of the country from which you intend to adopt because those countries may have restrictions on non-heterosexual adoptions.

Domestic adoption within Arizona: navigating the legal terrain

Arizona law permits adoption by individuals irrespective of sexual orientation. While there are no direct impediments to same-sex couples adopting domestically, state law does give preference to married couples. This preference, however, does not discriminate against LGBTQIA+ families but applies universally. Though, some religious adoption agencies may restrict their services to heterosexual families, which is currently allowed in Arizona.

Joint adoption: a complex terrain

Joint adoption, where both partners legally adopt a child, is not expressly prohibited for LGBTQIA+ couples in Arizona. However, only married heterosexual couples can file for joint adoption. While this might pose a challenge, individual adoption by same-sex couples is still a viable option. Though, non-heterosexual married couples can bypass this through stepparent adoption.


In Arizona, LGBTQIA+ families have the legal right to adopt both domestically and internationally. While challenges may arise, informed decisions and support from knowledgeable professionals can pave the way for a smoother adoption journey. Remember, love knows no boundaries, and every child deserves a loving and nurturing home.