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Is mediation the right choice for your divorce?

In the throes of divorce, stress and tension may start running away. You and your spouse may begin to clash on even the simplest of issues, even though you may have agreed to them earlier. Since the court process may feel daunting and push you to the limit, you may want to consider an alternative way to finalize your divorce agreement.

Mediation is a possibility for many Arizona couples looking for a way to divorce without the hassle of a full-blown court case. Take a closer look at what mediation has to offer.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a formal meeting that allows you and your spouse to get to a place where compromise on your divorce is possible. It involves a neutral person who acts in a position of authority to guide you through the issues that need handling before the divorce becomes final. Your attorney will also attend and together, you will work with the mediator to decide what will ultimately make the most sense for your situation.

What happens at mediation?

How the mediation plays out depends on the mediator and the relationship between you and your spouse. If you cannot speak calmly or even take up the same space without fighting, the mediator may have you and your attorney in your room and your spouse in another. The mediator may go back and forth, proffering offers and explaining what needs addressing. This method eliminates the opportunity for fighting and keeps the process moving in the right direction.

Since divorce is different for every couple, you and your spouse should try your hand at compromise. Mediation may help you agree on complex issues without all the stress.