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Mediation can help you compromise on these 3 points in a divorce

Divorce can lead to drawn-out arguments, especially when it comes to the things that matter most. Amicable mediation can be the key to reaching a mutual agreement that minimizes your time in court and helps keep your new family dynamic intact.

Be aware, however, that most mediators cannot offer legal advice that helps with the legal decision-making necessary in many divorce cases. Even so, mediating the key points of your divorce can lead to a fair compromise without deferring to the decisions of a judge.

1. Child custody

The matter of child custody is deeply personal to both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Reaching a mediated compromise outside of court is the best way to retain control over how your child will grow up, as the court will make an impartial ruling if you cannot.

2. Asset division

Marital assets that are subject to division in a divorce can include finances, real estate, debts, and more. Each spouse might have their own priorities when it comes to claiming assets, so consider using a mediator to ensure that each individual gets what they want while also guaranteeing a fair share.

3. Business claim

If either you or your spouse is a business owner, then odds are that both of you have a legal claim over the company assets. Mediation can help achieve goals like keeping the business intact while still divvying up an equitable share of assets to both individuals.

For many divorcing couples, mediation is preferable to a heated courtroom battle that ultimately results in a judge’s ruling that might not appease either side. Reaching an amicable conclusion to your divorce is important, especially if a child’s happiness is at stake.