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Emotional well-being during the divorce process and beyond

Even amicable divorces in Arizona, and anywhere else, involve strong emotions. Divorce is an ending to something that likely began with happiness and hope. The more complex the case, especially when there are children involved, the higher the anxiety, stress, and related emotions. If they aren’t kept in check, it could affect the ability to heal and move forward.

The importance of staying calm during divorce

Getting a divorce may be a fairly straightforward legal process, but it still involves human beings with complex emotions. While lawyers are usually able to keep personal feelings in check, it’s not so easy for the parties involved.

However, keeping a cool head is essential.

For one thing, there may be negotiations involving property and custody or visitation. Animosity or falling apart will not help create a positive outcome for anyone. Dealing with the ex-spouse over holidays and financial matters for years into the future is also possible.

Once the marriage is dissolved, calm and focus will be necessary for healing and moving forward in life. However, that is often easier said than done.

Here are a few tips to get everyone through the process intact.

Strategies for getting through a divorce with grace

The first thing that will help someone get through the trauma is to put things into perspective. Yes, the marriage is ending. Regardless of who filed or whether it was a joint decision, that is the reality of the situation.

Take things one step, one day at a time, and remember these three things.

  • Rather than allowing guilt or anger to override everything, try forgiveness instead. It may take some time, but this is the first step on the road to peace of mind.
  • Many people grieve the end of a marriage, and that’s normal, too. Sadness and a sense of loss can only be lessened with time. Joining a divorce support group will provide an opportunity to share feelings with others and get feedback. Everyone’s experience is different, but the emotions involved are universal.
  • When fear and anxiety set in, practice the art of conscious relaxation. Take a deep breath and will the tension away, starting from the head and working down to the toes. With practice, it will become an automatic response.

Divorce may seem like an ending. But the right mindset could set the stage for a wonderful new beginning.