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Dividing credit card perks in a divorce

In Arizona, marital assets are divided equally in a divorce. Generally speaking, anything acquired during the marriage is considered part of the marital estate. In some cases, any appreciation in an asset during the marriage will be considered joint property, even if an item was acquired before the union became official.

Credit card points are an asset

Any perks associated with a credit card or another type of account will likely be treated as any other asset. Therefore, it’s likely that they would be divided equally unless it can be shown that the account was your sole property or solely belonged to your spouse. This may be true if the credit card was used to maintain a home, car or other asset you or your spouse wanted to keep outside the marital estate. This may also be true if it was used to pay expenses related to a business that was considered to be outside of the marital estate.

Other arrangements might be made

Arguments over assets or other divorce issues may add unnecessary drama and expense to the process of ending your marriage. Therefore, you may agree to give up your right to the credit card points in exchange for control of other assets. Alternatively, you may be able to get the points in exchange for an agreement to pay any balance remaining on the card that generated them.

Streamlining the divorce process by gathering information before initiating it may be possible. Alternatively, you may be able to help yourself by ensuring that you have access to any documents that you’ll need if your spouse serves you with papers. This may make it easier to determine the status of an asset for property division purposes.