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The narcissist and your divorce

Suppose you are married to someone in Arizona who is considered a narcissist. In that case, you might experience various forms of emotional abuse, lies, cheating, and other actions that can make the marriage feel overwhelming. While making the decision to divorce someone of this nature, there are some tips to keep in mind that can make the process easier.


Before filing for divorce from a narcissist, try to gather as many documents as possible that show the negative impacts placed on you during your time together. A plan of action can be made so that you have money and a place to go to if you feel that the person will try to stop you from leaving. Keep copies of videos, text messages, and other types of conversations when going to court or mediation.


It could make sense to try to match another person’s emotions, getting angry at them just as they do with you. However, this can be detrimental and have a negative impact throughout the separation period. Your spouse could try to claim that you instigated arguments or that you acted in a way that triggered their response, especially if they try to claim self-defense.


There are a few boundaries that can be set to ensure that there is no contact with the spouse. You can block them on social media pages and their phone numbers. If you know that you need to meet the other party, consider taking someone with you so that there is a witness to any behavior that might be exhibited.

Divorcing a narcissist can sometimes be a good decision for your family once you see the benefits. Keep in mind that some preparation will likely be necessary.