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Addressing new relationships to your children following divorce

For Arizona parents who are moving on with their lives and becoming involved in a new romantic relationship after a divorce, there are inevitable concerns that must be addressed. Knowing how is imperative to make the process easier on the child.

Parents should think about how to introduce the child to the new partner

After the divorce, a parent who is involved with a new love interest must weigh certain factors when making the introduction. It is vital to prepare for the child’s response.

Every parent needs to understand their own child and the status of the new relationship when deciding on when and how to make the introduction. When to do so is a matter of choice. Springing it on the child unexpectedly could be too much to handle. Their age and maturity are key factors as they might still harbor hope that the parents will reunite.

The location is tied in with the timing. If the parent believes the child is ready for the introduction, it might be wise to initiate it at home, at an enjoyable event or a place where the child will be in a good mood like a favored restaurant.

Perhaps the introduction could be during a fun activity where others are present and the child can grow accustomed to the new person in a leisurely setting. Since children are likely already dealing with divorce issues, parents should not overreact at the child’s immediate response.

Preparing for all eventualities is fundamental in a divorce

Getting beyond the divorce will feel like a relief, but that does not mean all challenges have been overcome. Moving on may include seeking a new relationship. This can impact the child. It is crucial to be aware of it and to properly prepare.