An Honest And Smart Approach To Family Law

Unfavorable family law decisions can be devastating

At the end of the day, no one can predict with absolute certainty how an Arizona judge is going to decide a divorce or family law case.

When things do not go the way one wants, it can really interfere with a Phoenix resident’s life. They might not be able to see their children as often as they would like or have a say in how their children grow up.

Even when children are not involved, the person may face the loss of valuable heirlooms and other precious items.

Of course, an unfavorable outcome in a divorce case may mean the person will face financial hardships or, at best, have to re-arrange their lives considerably to make ends meet.

What are my options if I don’t like the court’s decision?

Phoenix residents who are facing an uphill battle after a divorce decision do have options they can consider. They may not just have to accept the decision at face value.

  • Many family law decisions can be changed down the road. This is especially true of child custody and child support decisions.
  • If the difficulty involves getting the other side to follow court orders, asking the court to enforce its orders either through a contempt proceeding or by some other means.
  • A person may choose to appeal the court’s decision. After an appeal, which will usually be to the Arizona Court of Appeals, the Court may require the original judge to re-hear evidence or change their decision.

As a word of caution, not every one of these options is right for every situation. Moreover, many of these options involve detailed legal proceedings with rules and procedures that must be followed strictly.

A person should think carefully and make sure they understand all of the possible outcomes before choosing a course of action.