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What types of spousal support are available in a divorce?

Married couples have several possible arrangements when it comes to working and earning income. Here are a few of the most common arrangements:

  • One spouse will not work outside the home but will instead take care of the children or other matters at home, while the other spouse works full-time.
  • One spouse will work full-time, while the other works part-time.
  • Both spouses are working full-time, but one spouse makes significantly more than the other.

Generally, when one spouse is earning more money than the other spouse, that spouse will generally have an easier time maintaining their lifestyle than the lesser-earning spouse if the couple divorces.

What about Arizona?

In Arizona, spousal maintenance is one way to help the lesser-earning spouse maintain their marital lifestyle even after the marriage is over. The higher-earning spouse will be required to pay a certain amount to the lesser-earning spouse each month, for a set period of time.

There are several factors to consider when determining the duration and amount of the spousal support awarded. These factors may include:

  • Duration of the marriage.
  • Earning potential of lesser-earning spouse.
  • Whether lesser-earning spouse will have difficulty getting a job due to their age or health conditions.
  • Standard of living set during the marriage.
  • Contributions made by the lesser-earning spouse that positively impacted the other spouse’s earning abilities.

Child support and spousal maintenance are important issues that may need to be addressed if you are going through a divorce. However, not every lesser-earning spouse is entitled to spousal support. A family law attorney can review your case and help determine whether you or your ex is entitled to spousal maintenance.