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Are these signs indicative that you’re bound for divorce?

Does your marriage feel like it’s on the rocks? If you answered “yes,” then the thought of divorce may have crossed your mind. But how do you know if it’s really time to dissolve your marriage and not just another rough patch that you and your spouse need to work through? That can be a difficult question to answer as it’s a very fact sensitive determination that only you can make, but there are some common signs that divorce is on the horizon and appropriate.

Are you experiencing any of these signs of impending divorce?

There are a lot of characteristics of your marriage that might signal that the end is near. Below is a list of some of them. If any of these exist in your marriage, then you might want to consider taking the next steps toward the divorce that you need:

  • Infidelity: While having an affair with someone is a common reason for divorce, there are other types of infidelity that can ruin a marriage. For example, your spouse might misappropriate marital funds, or they may share an emotional connection with someone else that resembles that which is enjoyed in an intimate relationship. If any of these situations exist, then you might want to think about whether divorce is appropriate for you.
  • Lack of intimacy: A lot of marriages fall into a rut, but if yours is devoid of all intimacy, whether physical or emotional, then you’re probably doing nothing more than living like roommates. This can leave you unhappy. Divorce might be your only way to remedy the situation.
  • Domestic violence: Physical, emotional, and verbal abuse puts you in a dangerous position. If you’re facing one of those scenarios, then you need to find a safe way to exit your marriage. Divorce certainly gives you an avenue, but you’ll also need a way to protect your physical safety, such as by securing a no contact order.
  • Changed values: Sometimes couples simply grow apart in their interests and what’s important to them, leaving each spouse with differing life goals. When this happens, it can be hard to share a life together as a married couple. Here, a divorce can provide an amicable resolution that allows you and your spouse to find the happiness you deserve.
  • Lack of respect: Although you and your spouse might argue from time-to-time, you should always respect each other. If you don’t, then you can grow contemptuous of each other. This can create a toxic environment that leads to significant emotional and psychological harm.
  • Chronic stress related to your marriage: Your home life should provide you with comfort and support. If you’re stressed about having to spend time with your spouse and feel like you can’t share secrets with them or discuss your problems, then your marriage isn’t as healthy as it should be.
  • Lack of effort: Every marriage has its tough times. But a marriage that survives is one in which the spouses work towards making things better. If you or your spouse have simply given up on strengthening your relationship, then things aren’t going to get better, and it might be time to call it quits.

Are you ready to take the next steps toward divorce?

If so, then carefully think about what you want out of the process and what you need to be financially stable when all is said and done. Once you’ve conducted that analysis, you can start gathering evidence to support your legal position.