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Changing an unfavorable order for child support

Many residents of Arizona who go through a divorce regard the final order as the end of the entire process. This attitude is incorrect, because law gives all divorced persons an opportunity to ask the court to modify an order for child support or custody. The Arizona judicial system provides a significant amount of on-line help for making such a request, but a lawyer may be helpful in some circumstances.

What is required to persuade a judge to modify a previous order?

The person seeking the modification of a previous order bears the burden of providing evidence supporting the requested modification. This includes wage and salary records, bank records, documentary evidence of any change in financial circumstances that may be cited as proof of the need for a modification.

The information is presented to the court in an affidavit, and a copy of the affidavit must be served on the other party. The person filing the petition for modification must provide accurate information about their financial situation and, to the best of knowledge, the financial situation of the other party. The petition must state the amount of increased child support.

Do I need a lawyer?

The forms provided by state court system are designed to make filing a petition as easy as possible. Nevertheless, some items of evidence may be more persuasive than others. A lawyer’s assistance may mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful motion.