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A growing number of older people are getting divorced

There might be a belief that younger people are more vulnerable to divorce than older people. However, marital disagreements, unhappiness and dissatisfaction can occur in any Arizona marriage regardless of the couple’s age, financial situation and duration of the union. To emphasize how perception differs from reality, statistics show that a rising number of older people are deciding to part ways.

This phenomenon is frequently referred to as a “gray divorce” because involves people 55 and above. While there are common denominators in many divorces, older people have unique challenges they must face. Knowing what to expect and being fully prepared is imperative.

Gray divorce rates have increased noticeably since 1990

Bowling Green University researchers studied divorce rates and found a noteworthy spike in people 55 and above getting divorced. The study looked at divorce rates from 1990 through 2021. For people age 55 and up, the divorce rate doubled. For people 65 and older, it was worse with it happening three times as frequently.

There are various explanations for the spike in gray divorce. People are living longer and healthier lives giving them the energy and willingness to move on from an unhappy relationship. In the past, older people tended to stay married due to negative ideas about divorce, due to their religious beliefs and financial concerns. Now, that is no longer the case.

For many, once their children are grown and they are heading towards retirement, they feel better about focusing on themselves. Still, there are problems that people might not anticipate when they finally move forward with a divorce.

Finances can be a sticking point. For women, the researchers found a 45% reduction in their standard of living. It was better for men who saw a 21% reduction. Dividing property is a common topic for discord. Spousal maintenance can be a worry for both sides. As they approach retirement, those accounts could be up for dispute as to who is entitled to them and how they will be divided.

Know how to navigate a complicated divorce

Many of divorce issues need to be addressed as the case proceeds. This is particularly challenging for people who are older and are fearful about the future. Some cases can be negotiated amicably. Others are not so easy. Regardless, people must remember how to be protected. This is a vital component of reaching a positive result and moving on after divorce.